Management of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

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HIV is a life long chronic illness. We understand the challenges associated with living with HIV and AIDS. Seeking care from an HIV specialist is the best way to manage your health. At FLIDS, we deliver compassionate care with a genuine desire to improve your quality of life.

HIV Infection

Human immunodeficiency syndrome(HIV) is a retrovirus that infects the helper T- cells of the host immune system. HIV patients have a lower risk of developing serious opportunistic infections if they begin anti-retroviral drug treatment (ART) as soon they are diagnosed.

Untreated, patients can develop acquired immune deficiency syndrome(AIDS) predisposing them to serious and opportunistic infections. Our team of experts can discuss treatment options and decide what kind of regimen is right for you.

Once you start your regimen, your clinical progress will be monitored with blood work and scheduled follow up visits with your provider at 4-6 month intervals. Furthermore, getting vaccinated in order to develop immunity to preventable infections is an integral part of your health care and can protect you from serious illnesses.

CDC recommends that all HIV infected adults with a CD4 count >200 and undetectable viral load to routinely get evaluated for up to date immunization. We can guide you to decide which vaccines are right for you, based on your age and risk of contracting a specific illness.

PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis)

PrEP is a way for HIV negative individuals to prevent HIV by taking one pill every day to lower their chances of getting infected. Patients with high risk sexual behavior, intravenous drug abuse or discordant couples are recommended to get evaluated to see if PrEP is right for you. A combination of Tenofovir/Entricitabine (Truvada) once daily regimen is recommended. Treatment is effective only if taken daily and as advised. Patients are advised to complete routine blood work and HIV testing every 3 months, while on treatment.

PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis)

PEP is a way to prevent HIV infection after a recent exposure in an HIV negative person. Treatment must be started within 72 hours after suspected exposure – sexual, injection drug use and other occupational or non-occupational exposures. Treatment regimen is continued for 28 days.

We realize that this is an emotional and stressful time for our patients. Our experts closely monitor patients during the course of treatment for any medication side effects with blood work and counseling as needed.

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